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January 2024:

Launch Pad of Life…Turning 29 for the 31st Time!

This is the first of what I hope will be a few insights on myself, our company, and some personal musing on life.  A look under the hood so to speak to what makes me tick, what’s happening with All Sports Productions and what I can be heard oftentimes saying during our events, we’re going to “Just Keep Moving Forward”.

At the end of each of the last 21 seasons of my professional life with All Sports Productions,  there has been a pause to review what was and then what can be for the upcoming year. Both the reflection of the past year and the perception of the future have been a mix of a “false sense of accomplishment” along with a very healthy dose of reality of the successes and failures of the year. This combined with how to make the upcoming year a true success!

Our company measurements, like most organizations, have a concrete marker which is profit and loss, but also the anecdotal measurements of personal feedback from our sponsors, team members and athletes.  The latter is such a unique perspective and in the final analysis, there are still the unknowns or the intangibles which drive me to #JustKeepMovingForward.

Oddly enough in prepping for this newsletter, I came across three interesting documentaries on personal growth and development.

  • “Stutz” with Jonah Hill and Phil Stutz.  The major takeaways and ones which are continually reinforced in my life is there is always Pain, Uncertainty and Constant Work along with you should take care of your body first, your people and then you in terms of the relationship with yourself.
  • “I Am Not Your Guru” by Tony Robbins. There is a bit of colorful language, but there are some pearls for sure.
  • “The Call To Courage” by Brene’ Brown.  Another reinforcement in a very humorous way…life is uncertain and “you know what happens”, so how will you deal with it.

I’m personally recommitting to a healthy body, emotional connections and a better relationship with myself.  A healthy body begins with exercise, getting plenty of rest, and eating well.  Emotional connections are about my commitment to a better spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ along with connecting in a deeper way with friends and family.  And then finally investing the time and energy to educate myself on being a better leader to our All Sports Productions’ team.  

Being a leader is not one of my strong points. Does it have something to do with being an only child, losing my father when I was 10 or having not worked in a corporate environment with lots of professional training and development?  The answer is probably all of the above.

2024 is a BIG year for two reasons…I turn 60!  I know, I act like a teenager sometimes! But, I feel there is so much to accomplish and I’m just getting warmed up!  And Debra and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage.  Las Vegas was giving big odds on the under when she and I walked down the aisle.  And if there had been electronic betting, there would have been more than one of our friends who would’ve taken the under. Lost Wages for everyone except us!  A successful marriage is about never giving up and constant work.  Hmmm…that mirrors life, doesn’t it!

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