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Athlete 2019 Initiatives

Our main initiative in 2019 was to lower the barriers to entry for both new and current participants.

One of those areas of concern for many of our athletes and to us as well has been the ever-increasing prices of entry fees.  We realize this has become a major issue in the multisport world.  Costs for event promoters has increased exponentially over the past several years and with decreased sponsorship due to an increase in other events…promoters (including us) have had to raise entry fees to keep events sustainable.

However, All Sports Productions is going to take a different approach moving forward.  We have made several changes to our pricing model and participant choices for goods and services.  First, we have lowered prices on all our amateur events.  We not only want new people to participate in the multisport lifestyle, but we also want our current customers to be able to do more of our events. 

In addition to the overall lowering of entry fees, we offer a further reduction in price during early-bird sign-up periods each year. And we have a rollover/transfer policy so if you register early to save money and then can’t attend the event, just let us know before the event and we will roll your entry.

Secondly, we are giving athletes a choice on whether they want a race t-shirt by offering a price reduction to not receive a shirt or the ability to upgrade the t-shirt to a premium fabric.  And finally, where there are optional pre-race events, we are giving athletes the choice to participate or not.  If someone doesn’t want to participate, then they shouldn’t have to pay for others. 

In other words…we want our athletes to have choices!

Finally, we are raising the bar on our post-event offerings of food and drink.  If the venue and the event allow for us to offer these services, then we are going to make it something special.

Bruce Dunn - Owner/Race Director : : 479-521-7766 (office)